The Advantages Of Casual, Chic Clothing

It seems that, so often, consumers must choose between either comfortable clothing, or a chic look. However, it is entirely possible to find clothing that meets both standards. With careful shopping, you can find clothing that is not only comfortable and casual, but chic, as well.



First of all, look for pleasing color pallets. While the seasonal colors may come and go, you never miss when you find colors that look good with your skin tone and hair. So, if Black and White are in for this winter, perhaps Blue-Black and onyx look best on you. Experiment, and you’ll find that when you find clothes that are thoughtfully coordinated with the season trends, you’ll look chic even in your casual, go-to- market clothes.


Maybe you want to just throw on a tank top before you run to the corner store. There is a difference between a wrinkled tank with a crude logo, and a tank made of silk or cashmere. With quality fabrics in your wardrobe, you can be one of those enviable people who can wear a tank and shorts and look like you just stepped off a fashion runway.


Layering is an excellent way to add chic value to your casual look. With layering, you have the opportunity to add color and texture to your ensemble. Take, for example, that tank top. Add a nice jacket, and you have a look that will go into the office. Add some sparkle and a maxi skirt, and you have an outfit for cocktail hour.

Layering also gives you the chance to get more use from your clothing through season changes. You can wear your tanks and sleeveless tops through the winter, when you have a selection of nice cardigans or coats to layer over them. They can also make a nice underlayer for an open-neck blouse.

Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress simply must not be overlooked. This great fashion statement is comfortable and stylish, and available in many different cuts and materials. A maxi dress can be dressed up or down, and is suitable for the office or for hanging out with the cat.


Don’t forget the importance of trousers in your wardrobe. A few pair of comfortable trousers, and you can go casual or chic, or both! Much like the tank top, your trousers can make a true fashion statement depending on the fabric. With the right fabric, you can have trousers that fit and have a fashionable cut, but that are comfortable, as well. Check the waist, to make sure it will be comfortable, and the cut, too. Your trousers can be dressed up or down, depending on the quality.

In general, if you can find great knitwear, you’ll have clothes that feel casual but have a chic look. Colors are vibrant in knits, and a great fit looks even better when the clothes are made of knit materials. So, enjoy shopping and accessorizing! Even the simplest wardrobe item can look chic with the right accessories and layers.


Nina Edwards loves to talk about fashion, when she isn’t writing about it she’s out shopping and trying on clothes. She currently works for a company selling a wide range of Oska Clothing.

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